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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

And While We're Talking About Mr. Rock......I'm Sure He Has A New "Friend" After All-His Attorney!.....He Just Got Sued!

Well I'm sure someone who has been involved in the entertainment/filmmaking business for as long as Chris Rock should be keenly aware that getting sued in matters of intellectual property is par for the course. Pay close attention to the clip above. It is the handiwork of filmmaker, Regina Kimball who allegedly showed her 2005 doc, My Nappy Roots: A Journey Through Black Hair-itage, to Mr. Rock on the set of his sitcom Everyone Hates Chris two years ago. Now that Rock's Good Hair documentary is on the verge of release, he is being sued by Ms. Kimball (for 5 million reasons) for allegedly taking her idea. I'm not sure if her suit has any weight-is doing another Black hair documentary off limits? I'm actually curious about both films, which I suspect is the ultimate objective. What say you? Any chance that Rock stole the concept or is the topic to broad to pigeonhole?

Oh and while you ponder Rock's legal dilemma, listen to the smooth sounds from one of my favorite female singers, Ms. Chaka Khan performing a A Night in Tunisia.... Beyonce and Keyshia Cole, be damned:

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