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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OK This Isn't News......Maybe It's An Excuse for a Rant.....John Mayer vs Huff Post vs MediaTakeout vs CNN vs Human Decency!

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Unfortunately, in life one may find themselves having to pay a visit to the projects or as some colloquially refer to as the PRO-jects. A cyber equivalent would be a trip to blogs such as Bossip, Worldstarhiphop and perhaps one of the more salacious sites, Mediatakeout.com. Takeout recently reported that pop star/guitarist, John Mayer while twittering, slammed the politically Progressive blog, The Huffington Post as being the “white” Mediatakeout. And the irony is that the writers at Takeout couldn’t tell if Mayer’s remarks were disparaging or complimentary. As much as I can appreciate the context of Mayer’s tweet, The Huffington Post really should not be compared to the folks at Mediatakeout.

For instance, the Jon Stewart clip (above) which I retrieved from the Post, encapsulates a biting commentary on CNN’s fact checking abilities. I doubt that Mediatakeout would cover such a story or if they did, it would be lost in the muck of yellow journalistic mud that the blog overwhelmingly wades in. But my main critique centers on the vituperative atmosphere that these sites create in the overall promotion of subcultural ghettocentric mores. Do you need examples of Takeout’s propagandized lower tier jibes?

If you visit the site, you will undoubtedly see references to interracial dating as doing the “the swirl” or constant emphasis on racial descriptions purely for the sake of prurient interest. I’m not sure of the purpose or mantra for Takeout but much like a Chris Rock skit, African-American culture takes a step backward when the promotion of urban malaise is at the forefront. So in response to the great Mr. John Mayer……MediaTakout could only wish to be The Huffington Post-Black edition.

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