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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Everyone is entitled to their Cosby moment-ATL Judge Kicks Out Whites To Talk to Blacks!

Unfortunately due to time constraints I cannot editorialize on this next story but I certainly will attempt to do so in the ensuing hours. But it's safe to say that as the title aptly states, everyone is entitled to their Cliff Huxtable moment! More in a few hours.

This just in, courtesy of WSBTV.com:

Judge Orders Whites Out Of Atlanta Court

ATLANTA -- Judge Marvin Arrington insists he's not a racist; despite ordering white lawyers out of his courtroom on Thursday.

The Fulton County Superior Court judge said he was just fed up seeing a parade of young black defendants in his courtroom.

"I came out and saw the defendants, about 99.9 percent Afro-Americans, and some point time I excused some of the lawyers, most of them white, and said to the young people in here 'What in the world are you doing with your lives,'" he told WSB-TV Channel 2 reporter JaQuitta Williams.

Arrington said he thought his message might have more power if it was delivered to a blacks-only audience.

"I didn't think about racism or reverse racism, I practiced law for 30 years and 75 percent of my partners were white," he explained.

The judge said the majority of people who appear before him accused of crimes such as murder, rape and robbery are black and he wanted to do something about it, one on one.

"I didn't want them to think I was talking down to them; trying to embarrass them or insult them; be derogatory towards them and I was just saying 'Please get yourself together,'" he said.

Arrington added that he may make a similar speech next week, but this time he'll allow everyone to hear it.

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