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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Expect a Full Plate at the Comic Shoppe-Dinner (ahem..the broadcast) starts at 7pm eastern-Mon.

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Dark Victory-Part 1

Dark Victory-Part 2

Stay tuned for a fully packed Comic Shoppe radio broadcast tomorrow as we go over quite a few topics in the world of comicdom. First up, check out Warner Brothers' Legion of Superheroes animated two part show entitled, Dark Victory. I was not a big fan of this series, now closing it's second season-but, this particular event/special was actually quite entertaining and we will pick it apart on Monday's broadcast. We will also utilize our analytical scalpels to discuss Friday's Battlestar Galactica season opener, He That Believeth in Me. And did anyone catch even more astounding clips of the Iron Man movie slated for a May 2nd release? Annnnnnd....there's two Cloverfield alternative ending clips that have leaked on to the internet. So join us Monday at 7pm eastern as Max, Daryll and yours truly attempt to confab on the aforementioned and our favorite graphic novel reads from last week. The call-in number is-646-200-0104 and you can also reach us via email/IM-thecomicshoppe@yahoo. Be there & Be square-true believers!

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