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Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Never Forgot this bit......A reminder of Chris Rock's Comedic Genius

I remember this Chris Rock skit from a few years back and I always thought that it was a dead on assessment of what occurs when things can go awry for notables of color-and the fallout that is generated among the remaining Black populace. Perhaps this is why on occasion, one should disavow notions of tribalism. As much as I detest tit for tat arguments, Whites are allowed to be tribal under the guise of what has been deemed as mainstream, but Black folk as brothers and sisters do not have such an option. Senator Obama can't choose another man of color as a running mate because.....well, it would be too much color. Conversely, McCain has that option. Even Senator Clinton couldn't choose another woman for her running mate for similar reasons. Anyway, enough with my political and social protestations.....enjoy the clip and I look forward to your observations.

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