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Friday, April 04, 2008

Send Out The Clowns PLEASE!!!! Snoop Dog's Remarks Against Obama-

For the umpteenth time, I like hip hop. I just do not care for the pedantic, ignorant and minstrel type that has dominated America's airwaves in the last 10 to 15 years. And I have also grown wearisome of rappers who have a soapbox to spew utter pabulum and idiocy-case in point, Calvin Broadus aka Snoop Dog. Another hat tip to resident commenter/blogger Sergio, for notifying me of this tripe:

From Media Takeout:

April 04, 2008. MediaTakeOut.com has learned that rapper Snoop Dogg has launched a scathing attack on presidential candidate Barack Obama. Snoop, reportedly a Hillary Clinton supporter, told the British newspaper The Guardian the following:

The KKK gave Obama money. They was one of his biggest supporters ... Why wouldn't they be? The media won't tell you that. They don't want you to know that. They just want you to know that this [N WORD] befriended this other [N WORD] who be threatening your values. But we all know all presidents lie to get into f*cking office. That's they job." .

But Snoop doesn't stop there with his crazy talk. He added the following:

In America's eyes, that muthaf*cker's gonna be president 'cos (John) MCCain can't f*ck with him. Hillary (Clinton) can't f*ck with him. He's winning over white people, white ladies.

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