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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

WTF! It's 2008! Does Every Man of Color have to be Compared to the Next? Obama & Tiger Comparisons at McCain Rally!

One could easily chalk up this latest controversy (which appears to be happening in every 24 hour news cycle) as typical of an alleged conservative conspiracy except that the Dems have upped the ante for racially divisive antics in this historical election year. Regardless of this blog’s conservative bent, I will not excuse any behavior that appears to be crass or racist and this next story should not be taken lightly. In a nutshell, during a rally for Senator McCain the person who introduced him to the crowd made a passing reference to golfer Tiger Woods (in place of Senator Obama) in a clear connection to race. The comment was clearly positioned as a negative-here goes yet another person of color encroaching in a traditionally White arena and excelling. These situations must be nullified by shaming the perpetrators as being primitive; making it known that such behavior will not be tolerated. The drawback of tribalism, which so many racial and ethnic groups are trapped in due to their own volition and outsider racism, negates any notions of individuality (Black overachievers are interchangeable) impeding true political discourse. Here's more on this issue, courtesy of The Hotline:

April 08, 2008
What's With The Tiger Woods Comparisons?
Army Staff Sergeant David Bellavia introduced John McCain at Vets for Freedom Rally today with this unfortunate line, linking Barack Obama with golfer Tiger Woods. But not in a good way:

"Fortunately, I have the privilege, the distinct privilege today, of introducing a true American hero who defies political norms in Washington," Bellavia said. "Sen. John McCain has spent a lifetime in service to our nation. His example of unwavering courage is a model for every American. Rest assured that men like Senator McCain will be the goal and the men that my two young boys will emulate and admire. You can have your Tiger Woods, we've got Senator McCain."

Bellavia is certainly not the first GOPer to connect the two men. In a piece about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy, Politico reported last month that Republican media consultant Alex Castellanos, creator of Jesse Helms' notorious "Hands" ad, said Obama is no Woods. In other words, with the revelations about Wright's most fiery of sermons, Obama looked less conciliatory, less jovial, less like a bridge builder.

“All the sudden you’ve got two dots, and two dots make a line,” said Castellanos. “You start getting some sense of who he is, and it’s not the Obama you thought. He’s not the Tiger Woods of politics.”

Unfortunately for the Obama team, who might've been able to make some hay of McCain's intro, Teamsters prez James Hoffa mentioned Woods today on a call with reporters. When asked if PA voters -- translation PA's white working class voters -- were concerned about Obama's race, he said: "With regard to his race, he's African American. I know he's of mixed race, but, you know, he's like a Tiger Woods. He's just a great person that's really excited a lot of people. We're not detecting a lot of discussion about his religion or his race here."

Certainly the Hoffa mention was positive, while Bellavia's was, uh, not. Indeed Obama's camp -- if they want to risk highlighting the race issue anew -- could ask for McCain to denounce the staff sergeant's remarks.

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