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Sunday, April 20, 2008

What's Wrong with Some Black Folk? or The Foxy Brown Story!

This next story has been lingering in the deep crevices of my brain for the last couple of days since news of rapper, Foxy Brown's release from prison (aka Inga Marchand) spewed forth into the public sphere. The reason why I entitled this post, "What's Wrong with Some Black Folk," is by in large due to the fanfare Marchand received upon her release as if she were a head of state or at the very least a political prisoner. From my understanding, Brown was greeted by thralls of fans, Brooklyn councilman, Charles Barron (I have written about Barron in prior posts) and a number of luxury SUVs, again as if going to jail was a badge of honor and not due to consistent unconscionable behavior. I liken this pomp and circumstance routine to the Mike Tyson prison release scandal from a decade ago when some Harlemites wanted to throw a parade in his honor after serving time for allegedly raping someone. And if we are to keep it tribal, the victim was a young woman of color. But you do not have to take my word for the Brown story; here are the specifics, courtesy of HipHopGalaxy.com:

Foxy Brown Released From Prison

Foxy Brown is a free woman following her release from the Rose Singer Center for women at Rikers Island on Friday (April 18) where she served an eight-month sentence for violating her probation.

"The first place I want to go is church. I’ve got to get on my knees," said Brown upon her release.

Brown was greeted by a collection of fans, media and well-wishers upon her release, who she thanked for their support before jumping into a white Rolls Royce Phantom.

"This is a big day for me," Brown told reporters. "To have everybody here that I love, my whole family, the whole Brooklyn, the officers that took care of me at Rikers. Eight months to the day, I remember going in in August and I said when I come out, I’m coming out even better. And I’m back baby, it’s a wrap."

Foxy, real name Inga Marchand, was sentenced to a year in jail in September 2007 for violating the terms of her parole when she was accused of hitting a woman with a cell phone. She was on probation for the August 2004 attack on two manicurists at a Manhattan nail salon. In March 2007 Brown was warned she would face a year in prison if she got into any further trouble. Five months later she was sentenced for assaulting neighbour Arleen Raymond with a cell phone.

During her stay at Rikers Islands, Brown was placed in solitary confinement for 76 days after an altercation in the prison, for refusing to take random drug tests and for reportedly being verbally abusive to prison staff. She also applied for early release to get treatment for her hearing condition, however, the request was denied by the judge.

"I did almost a year in prison, a year in prison, just because my name is Foxy Brown," she said.

Foxy Brown’s "Brooklyn’s Don Diva," which features production from Kanye West and Swizz Beatz, is due to be released on May 13 through Black Rose Entertainment/Koch Records. She is also in talks for a reality TV show on VH1 documenting how she adjusts to life after incarceration and the promotion of the new album.

The rapper is back in court on May 5 over the Blackberry assault.

As I have mentioned and/or written about countless times in Afronerd-we are at war, folks. We are at war with the low expectations of a subcultural belief system that clearly does not admonish bad behavior. I, too, would have purchased a "free Foxy shirt," except I could get a better deal for bathroom tissue at my local Costco. When will this madness cease? What say you on this topic?

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