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Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Links, Some Musings & Afronerd Does NPR on Wed.

Just keeping my readers abreast of the goings on with Afronerd-check out NPR's News & Notes this Wednesday (approx. 1:15pm eastern) as I'm scheduled to appear on Farai Chideya's Bloggers Roundtable. I'm pretty sure that this will be a festive broadcast as Debra Dickerson of The End of Blackness and Mother Jones blog fame and Terrence Health of the Republic of T blog are also scheduled to participate. The topics to be discussed have not been hashed out yet, but I suspect that we may revisit the "ghetto" name versus researched African nomenclature debate stemming from my last Roundtable appearance. We may also discuss whether the Senator Obama-Rev. Wright controversy is actually an indictment on the radical progressive belief system of the institution of the Black Church. We will of course flesh this out during the show but I suspect that many will answer the aforementioned in the affirmative. I would also surmise that many people of color didn't even flinch at Rev. Wright's comments, much less condemn the minister for anti-patriotism. And there lies the conundrum-can African Americans be fairly critiqued by the media without being perceived as not being anti-American? Conversely, can Black folk (as Obama's speech intimated) move beyond victimization while acknowledging (not compartmentalizing) historical inequities? We'll see if we can come up with some cogent responses this Wednesday. And lastly, we may even discuss Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's recent remarks centering around American slavery being a "birth defect." And you thought she wasn't a sista-don't sleep on my fellow conservatives. It's time to listen to both sides of the political aisle.

Click on the link below to hear today's Bloggers Roundtable-think of it as a preview!

Bloggers Roundtable: 'L.A. Times' Apologizes for False Tupac Story

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