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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What Barack Obama Can Learn from Eminem......

Well the word is out, Senator Clinton can call herself the comeback kid or at least that is what she thinks. So what are Obama's options at this juncture? The respective governors of Florida and Michigan are lobbying to make their delegates count despite the fact that both states started their primaries early-clearly in violation of Dem party rules. And as expected, the Clintons are chiming in for those delegates although neither candidate formally campaigned in those states. We also noticed (to no one's surprise) that Hillary's kitchen sink tactics (negative ads against Obama) at the midnight (excuse me, 3am) hour appear to have worked as she did win Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island. So as a self-confessed Obamacan, it got me to thinking-how does Obama maintain his composure (and his delegate lead) without going negative and thereby going back on his protestations of old style political agendas? Perhaps he should take a page from Eminem's 8 Mile (aka Purple Rain, Par Deux).
Anyone familiar with the film (as the above clip demonstrates) knows that during Mile's climax, Rabbit (Mr. Mathers' character) bested his rivals by employing a self-effacing rap style. Can you imagine Senator Obama rapping: "Yes, my middle name is Hussein," "Yes, I bought a house with Rezco," "Yes, I am inexperienced," "F%ck NAFTA," and so forth. You never know, perhaps then it might leave his rivals speechless.

Of course, Senator Obama can take out his family photos-darkened skin and all. As if being phenotypically Black wasn't enough. Of course, all of us with a certain degree of melanin have taken photographs where one can look lighter or darker but this seems to occur with greater frequency around election time or jail time.

Just ask Harold Ford, Jr.-

And then there's Orenthal Simpson-

And why isn't anyone clearly stating that having a dark complexion does not make someone menacing? But then again, I have heard White shock jocks (Opie and Anthony) state that Obama did not possess a criminally Black complexion. Wow! This pablum should be so easy to rise above. Time for folks of color to employ elegance, excellence and competence-that seems to shut people up.

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