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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let's Try it One Mo' Gin-The Bloggers Summit, Part 2 this Thurs. at 9pm eastern

Well we had such an excellent and insightful Afronerd Radio broadcast yesterday that we decided to do it one more time. We will reconvene for another Bloggers Summit this Thursday at 9pm eastern. One of the few things to note from last night’s show is that a consensus was developed to put either campaign on notice if they are out of line or inappropriate. The rallying cry for this new blogger initiative is-Keep it Honest! Case in point-former Vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro’s untoward and racist comments about Senator Obama. One can surmise that these statements are not only calculated but are also coming just in time for the Pennsylvania primary-a state that according to their governor will not vote for a man of color. So what should the members of Afrospear (and blogosphere in general) do in this election? We should continue to provide information for our readers and demand that both campaigns (but Hillary in this case) maintain fairness and accuracy in this election. Perhaps the campaigners should do something completely novel by talking about the issues and sticking to policy concerns. I would suggest that our readers contact Ferraro directly (her email address- gferraro@hfgcg.com) to let her know that her unconscionable behavior is not welcome. And for bloggers please use bloggerssummit@yahoo.com for contact purposes. For tomorrow’s show we expect more bloggers and more ideas-feel free to stop by. The call-in number is 646-915-9620 and our IM/email address is afronerdradio@yahoo.

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