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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

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Ok....the above video is funny, expected and just sick! But I couldn't resist. Current exit polling shows that Senator Obama appears to be ahead in Texas and Vermont but Clinton has the lead in Rhode Island and more importantly in Ohio. What does this all mean? I'm not sure but I suspect that the Clintons are not going to concede until Monica Lewinsky sings. Now on to the links. Check out the latest Bloggers Roundtable, courtesy of NPR's News and Views:

Bloggers' Roundtable: Jackson Told to Beat It

You may want to also check out the latest faux scribe to channel Jayson Blair and James Frey-enter Margaret Seltzer. In a nutshell, Seltzer using the pen name Margaret B. Jones was recently discovered to have fabricated a gang memoir entitled, Love and Consequences: A Memoir for Hope and Survival. Oh why must they lie? Here's a snippet on this sham, thanks to the LA Times:

The author of "Love and Consequences," a critically acclaimed autobiography about growing up among gangbangers in South Los Angeles, acknowledged Monday that she made up everything in her just-published book.

"Jones" is actually Margaret Seltzer. Instead of being a half-white, half-Native American who grew up in a foster home and once sold drugs for the Bloods street gang, she is a white woman who was raised with her biological family in Sherman Oaks and graduated from Campbell Hall, an exclusive private school in the San Fernando Valley.

Her admission that she is a fake came in a tearful mea culpa to the New York Times, which last week published a profile of Seltzer using her pseudonym. It was accompanied by a photograph of the 33-year-old and her 8-year-old daughter in Eugene, Ore., where they now live.

Seltzer was unmasked when her sister Cyndi Hoffman, 47, saw the newspaper's profile and notified the memoir's publisher, Riverhead Books, that Seltzer's story was untrue.

Riverhead announced Monday that it had withdrawn "Love and Consequences" and canceled a book tour that was supposed to have started yesterday in Eugene.

Seltzer could not be reached at her home for comment late Monday.

In a brief telephone interview, Seltzer's mother said her daughter was very upset and contrite about the fabrication, but had been advised by her editor not to speak further about it for the moment.

"I think she got caught up in the facts of the story she was trying to write," Gay Seltzer said. "She's always been an activist and she tried to draw on the immediacy of the situation and became caught up in the persona of the narrator. She's very sorry and very upset."

For the (LA) Times article in its entirety, click below:

Author admits gang-life 'memoir' was all fiction

As a heads up, stay tuned for a special interview segment of Afronerd Radio tentatively scheduled for late April in which Dr. John McWhorter (of Losing the Race, Authentically Black and Winning the Race notoriety) will be stopping by to talk about his latest literary tour de force, All about the Beat: Why Hip-Hop Can't Save Black America. Of course, I will keep you guys abreast as that interview nears. Meanwhile, check out a recent Youtube clip of Dr. McWhorter in action:

And you may want to also take a gander at the infamous Charles Murray (of the Bell Curve) appearance at the
same speaking engagement. Am I hallucinating or was Murray 's diatribe different than his quasi-eugenic arguments from days old?

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