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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Fallacy of mentoring the lower tier......

More to follow..

And I'm back. Never let it be said that work and blogging are easy endeavors. I actually found out about the above exchange while listening to Sirius' Howard 100 this morning. The fallacy that I'm alluding to regarding mentorship is that it is an easy exercise (or is that exorcise?). I am definitely not a fan of so-called reality television-perhaps it's adherence to staid racial/ethnic stereotypes is the main reason for my disdain. But whether this clip was staged or not, it still serves as an example of the difficulty of trying to bring civility to those who many would deem to be dysfunctional. As the above clip demonstrates, Dr. Ian Smith's attempt to convey the importance of composure to the young woman ("Toccara") fell on death ears. Unfortunately this behavior is nothing new as we have seen it played out before on many of our crime ravaged urban streets. I have great admiration for the Nation of Islam as they are one of the few organizations that have been successful in rooting out the blind anger that many other Toccaras (both male and female) have one time or another exhibited. Unfortunately, it's kind of "hot on the block" to be a Muslim in America. My wish, in the same vein as Obama's brilliant oration yesterday, is that we move beyond such anger so that we can actually address our internal issues. Anger without focus and direction can leave one alone without progress-just ask Toccara Jones.

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