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Monday, June 02, 2008

This is how they REALLY Feel about you, Senator Obama! Hillary Supporter Rants About Obama Being an "Inadequate" Black Man!

I first received word (by way of this morning's NY Post) about this Clinton supporter ranting (and being ejected) after this past weekend's delegate committee where by now, everyone should be keenly aware of the 50/50 vote split for Michigan and Florida. I'm not going to rehash the obvious. Okay, maybe this one point. If you make a rule-stick to it-the youth and more specifically young voters are watching. What good is a rule and the subsequent penalty, if one can simply whine enough to have said infraction removed? And just what makes Senator Obama "inadequate?" He certainly ran and extremely competent campaign against an alleged pro. Father Pfleger spoke truthfully on this matter regarding Senator Clinton's entitlement issues-you just can't say it aloud. I really have no words on this one because stating the obvious can cause a migraine. I'll let our loyal readers take a crack at this one.

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