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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Don't Call It a Comeback......We've Talked About Comics For Years!.......Thanks James Todd Smith

Ok...sorry for the LL Cool J reference, but it has been awhile since I addressed the comic world in print and there will be more to follow as I take a brief reprieve from socio-political talk. What would "Afronerd" mean without some discussion of comic and/or graphic novel related fare? Actually in the next few entries, I will review a few interesting comics (Image's Air and Guerrillas, to be specific) that are coming up on the horizon so stay tuned for that but what's up with the statues you may ask? Well as if comic book collecting wasn't expensive enough, I thought that you may want to take a look at the two latest Bowen comic statue designs (of both "classic" and modern interpretations of Luke Cage) slated for a July 8th release. I only possess a few statues but I think that I will pick up the classic Sweet Christmas (Cage's 70s catch phrase) design. Which one (of course, this question is directed toward our comic aficionado audience) will you be picking up?

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