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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Reminder Alert (No....It's Not the Hulk...Shh..That's Friday)....Don't Forget CNN's Black in America Special

I must readily confess that prior to CNN's promotion for their upcoming two-day Black in America series, I thought that Dr. Henry Louis Gates' America Beyond The Color Line was the definitive documentary that challenged the concept of monolithic Blackness. Now it appears that a certain degree of capitulation is in order. What Afronerd has (and we will continue our efforts) attempted to do since our inception is to provide a forum to discuss alternate media for people of color. There absolutely must be a stalwart counter-resistance to the lower tier/gangsta imagery that literally defines current Black and Brown imagery. I think with the advent of Senator Obama's candidacy, a special such as Black in America should serve as a reminder that the story of the African-American community is still in progress-a tale that is both harrowing, complex and triumphant. So mark your calendars-July 23rd through the 24th are the days to hear from a myriad of voices detailing what's right (and wrong) with the Black community. I can't wait for this special airing but in the interim, click on this link to get more recon from CNN.com. We'll keep you guys abreast of further details as we get closer to the broadcast.

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