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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An Early Portrayal of a Black Person as President......1972-The Man starring James Earl Jones

Sarah Brown, Senior Journalist with Al Jazeera English-

2) How do you think MLK would view the candidacy of Barack Obama, and Obama himself? How do you yourself view Obama and the other candidates regarding race relations?


In a nutshell, I would suspect that MLK would view Senator Obama's candidacy as truly an amazing accomplishment, if not the stuff of science-fiction.

The above conversation was just a portion of an online interview that I was fortunate to be a part of, thanks to Al Jazeera English. You can refamiliarize yourself with this exchange here. We do have to remind ourselves that a Black POTUS was never really perceived as a reality.....until now. I want you guys to check out this latest article (link below) from Poppolitics.com that posits that popular culture might have played a crucial role in prepping America for an African-American presidency.

Racial Conditioning: Has Pop Culture Set the Stage for a Black President?

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