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Monday, August 06, 2007

What Purpose Do Horror Movies Serve? We Have Real Terror To Worry About-Enter the Newark Killings

We write, talk, proselytize and forewarn about inner-city sub-human behavior incessantly at Afronerd. This dysfunctional behavior oftentimes leads to horrific tragedies that our alleged leadership continues to ignore in place of racial dynamic issues. This obfuscation or better yet, denial ultimately contributes to young people of color dying senselessly. Not only are our leaders feckless but also our general populace, who consistently demonstrate extreme apathy when these murders occur. If you haven't guessed, I'm referring to the recent shooting of four Delaware State University (the famed HBCU) students in Newark, New Jersey. The shooting resulted in the deaths of three students (the fourth appears to be on the mend) described as decent kids for a (thus far) inextricable reason. Click below for further details, courtesy of the New York Times:

Shooting of 4 College Friends Baffles Newark

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