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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And Somehow Dr. Cosby, Afronerd and Juan Williams are called the delusional ones......This Just in.... Black Folks Are Killing Each Other!

I have to be honest; I am growing tired of these statistics (i.e. Black on Black murder rates) and the consistent apathy that the world seems to have pertaining to the atrophying of Black life. Again, when Dr. Cosby or this blog points out these stats, racism and poverty are frequently exclaimed followed by quick silence. When we call for cultural change or moral reorganization-anything that implies self-analysis, it is quickly deemed as being insensitive or a form of intraracial hatred. All that we ask is that this viewpoint be considered along with a multitude of other ideals that can be thrown into the mix that could impede the pathological juggernaut affecting communities of color. Let's view the latest report courtesy of Breitbart.com...it reads like a mass obituary:

Nearly half US murder victims are black: report

African-Americans are victims of nearly half the murders committed in the United States despite making up only 13 percent of the population, a report published Thursday showed.
Around 8,000 of nearly 16,500 murder victims in 2005, or 49 percent, were black Americans, according to the report released by the statistics bureau of the Department of Justice.

Broken down by gender, 6,800 black men were murdered in 2005, making up more than half the nearly 13,000 male murder victims.

Black women made up 35 percent, or 1,200, of the nearly 3,500 female homicide victims.

Young black men aged between 17 and 29 bore a disproportionately high burden in the grim statistics, making up 51 percent of African-American murder victims.

The percentage of white male murder victims in the same age group was 37 percent.

More than half the murders of blacks took place in densely populated urban areas.

Firearms were involved 77 percent of the time in homicides involving black people and around 60 percent of the time in murders of whites.

Most murder victims -- 93 percent of blacks and 85 percent of whites -- were killed by someone of their own race.

Gang violence was involved in around five percent of homicides with black victims against seven percent for white victims.

In percentage terms, whites were twice as likely to be killed by a current or former partner than blacks -- 12 percent of whites were murdered by a life partner against six percent of blacks.

Blacks were also at greater risk of rape or sexual assault than any other ethnic group except American Indians, the report showed.

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