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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Further Evidence that We Are becoming a 3rd World Country......

I assumed that today would essentially be like any other workday in the summer-hot, sticky, busy and boring. Upon getting dressed at approximately 6:30am, I heard the screams of a child coming from my next door neighbor's abode. At first, I was thinking it might have been one of his children but when I ventured outside to investigate, I was informed that my neighbor caught a half-naked boy rummaging through his garbage looking for food. This is why the word subhuman exists and why I will continue to spout such verbiage. This child is a true victim....especially of our communal apathy. He is not to be confused with the perpetrators (whether they were his parents or someone else) who those on the left often point to as victims unto themselves despite evidence to the contrary. The perps should be seen for what they really are-victimizers and pariahs in communities of color. Eventually more neighbors came by to lend assistance as we had to keep the child from leaving until an ambulance and authorities arrived. The most we could find out from the child was that he had an African surname and couldn't tell us where he lived. The little boy stated that he was 8 years old but one quickly noticed that he had scratches all over his body, particularly in the stomach area. He was only clothed in filthy underwear-a completely heart wrenching scene. We covered him up and the police quickly took over. There was speculation that the child was abused and/or dumped in our area to fend for himself. Perhaps we will never know the full story. And then I see this next video, courtesy of liveleak.com:

This video was taken a few months ago and as you can see it shows a young Asian woman walking the streets of Kuwait naked and confused after allegedly being dropped of by captors-more speculation of imprisonment, rape and abuse. This is when the first world meets the third. Once again, we can not continue to make excuses for animals masquerading as human beings while people like the young child this morning or the woman depicted above continue to be perceived as the collateral damage. It is just as unacceptable a world away as it is in a New York City neighborhood. A penny for your thoughts.

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