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Sunday, August 05, 2007

I forgot to give you my 2 cents......

Last week I posted some videos up on our blog to get a sense as to what our readers/radio listeners thought about the film shorts as well as their opinions on interracial dating. I never provided my musings on the subject until now. First, the term interracial is truly a misnomer. Perhaps intercultural would be a better description. The biological differences between the races on a DNA level are frighteningly infinitesimal. So what we are dealing with are old tribal differences that refuse to dissipate. In my mind's eye, I think it's perfectly acceptable to be about your "tribe's" cultural survival without obfuscating the humanity of another tribe. As humans, we must also be realistic about propinquity. It is unrealistic to live in a multi-ethnic society where folks work and/or socialize with each other and not expect romantic interactions to occur. What should be most paramount is that out of 35 million Black folk in the US, the reality is that intraracial liasons are still dominant with room for African-Americans to make sapient decisions regarding who they desire to date. Perhaps I will elaborate on this in a future broadcast. In closing, the last time I checked, people of color as a collective were still able to pat their heads and rub their stomachs at the same time. Worry about yourself and not about the social affairs of strangers-even if they share your skin tone. Check out another video on the same subject below:

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