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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And to Think if Wacko Jacko had been convicted he would have done the same dance.....Thriller in the Philippines

Why am I late on these Youtube trends? First Tay Zonday and now Filipino prisoners forced to do Michael Jackson routines? I just happened to hear about the video on this evening's news and it appears that this clip has surpassed 3 million views to date. It should also be noted that the female protagonist (the part originally played by Ola Ray) is being played by a transgender prisoner-it is truly the end of days. Check out the latest on this phenomenon from Metro.co.uk:

Jacko Thriller in Philippines jail
Tuesday, July 24, 2007
The inmates line up for the zombie danceWelcome to the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines. A large prison, holding over 1,500 inmates, all of them clad in the regulation orange jumpsuits and put through a rigorous, compulsory exercise regime. So far, so jaily.

The difference being that this prison's exercise regime involves replicating Michael Jackson's Thriller.

'Inmates at the CPDRC are required to go through a workout regimen. While the goal is to keep the body fit in order to keep the mind fit, such may not actually happen if it is not done in a manner deemed pleasurable. Music, being the language of the soul, is added to that regimen,' wrote Byron F. Garcia, a security consultant to the Cebu provincial government, last year.

The choreography is slick, the co-ordination tight, and one of the male prisoners gets to play the girl who accompanied Jackson in the video. What more could you want from your prison experience?

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