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Monday, June 18, 2007

YouTube Loves Obama

Incredible. It appears that Youtube's influence on the general populace knows no bounds. If you haven't lived under a kryptonite rock for the last few days, you probably are aware of a new YouTube music video entitled, "I have a Crush on Obama" courtesy of the same folks that brought you "My box in a box." Am I the lone person that believes this video ultimately trivializes Obama's historic presidential run? Although I may not be wholly pleased with Obama's leftist political leanings, he is still worthy of the respect that any other presidential hopeful deserves. Check out the Daily Page's take on Obama Girl:

One of the hottest viral videos over this past week, created by UW graduate Ben Relles, also happens to be the biggest hit of its kind so far in the 2008 race for president. A music video for "I Got a Crush... On Obama" debuted Tuesday as the first in a promised salvo of videos from barelypolitical.com.

Featuring a scantily-clad curvy young woman singing an ode to her presidential paramour Barack Obama, it is the latest in a series of videos created outside the confines of a campaign that has grabbed the attention of media and pundits, not to mention millions of viewers.

Both the video and its eye candy are better known as Obama Girl, but its real star is the Illinois Senator, a leading contender in the Democratic primary who is an increasing beneficiary of support from an immense online host of prospective voters. It was created by Relles, a 1997 graduate of UW-Madison who subsequently attended the Wharton School of Business before getting a gig with Agency.com as an advertising executive.

For more from the Daily Page piece, click on the link below:

Obama Girl is latest satire with Madison roots to go big

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