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Monday, June 04, 2007

Jeremy Levitt on Selling Out in the Black Community

Thanks to commenter Sergio for forwarding this article to my attention. Jeremy Levitt, who is a law professor at Florida International University recently opined on the concept of "selling out" in communities of color. Levitt's cogent analysis puts a long needed spotlight on individuals who adopt a debilitating criminal belief system. It is Levitt's contention that they are the true sellouts in the African American community. Here is an excerpt of Levitt's piece from the Chicago Sun Times:

Based on this reality, perhaps we need to redefine selling out to castigate blacks who enable this condition. I mean blacks who are destroying our communities: the real terrorists. I mean those who murder, rape and molest, sell drugs, and gang-bang; those who keep our communities looking pillaged. I mean blacks who perpetuate and celebrate violent and destructive culture. I mean blacks who reinforce the global pathology of violence against black women. I mean black entertainers and athletes who sell out to corporate America and consciously pimp a materialistic, misogynistic and violent culture to our youth. I mean black media that are raising a generation of young dummies on a diet of racially disparaging music and sleazy reality television.

Today's sellouts are individuals who wreak havoc in the black community through various forms of violence, including degrading imagery, and those black-owned institutions and corporations that exploit the consumer strength of African Americans by overfeeding us with niggardly products.

It's time to quit blaming others; to call a spade a spade, not a role model.

Mr. Levitt....I couldn't have said any better. A penny for your thoughts folks, tell us what you think.

For more from the Chicago Sun Times article, click below:

Biggest sellouts are blacks who destroy their communities

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