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Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Request from Our Readers......

After conversing with my blog contributor/co-writer, Mr. Starks, I have come to the conclusion that the one thing that we request from our readership is discipline. What exactly am I talking about? Mr. Starks posted several stories that one would assume should have raised the ire of our commenters, but no one provided an opinion. One story entitled, Funny how the media is slow to respond when a missing woman is not White and blonde did not garner much attention from our visitors and yet when we highlighted stories referencing the Sopranos or Michael Jackson vs. Prince....well, folks found the time to express their opinions. One thing that we attempt to do here at Afronerd, is provide the reader with information as well as submit food for thought. I guess gossip is a mainstay within our culture, but it is disheartening when I visit celebrity/gossip based blogs (Black gossip blogs, notwithstanding) and the comments reach in the hundreds when the topic deals with Beyonce, Bobby Brown or the usual roster of minstrels. We must remain vigilent when the welfare of our culture and community are at stake. Case in point, here's an excerpt from The New York Times, pertaining to two toddlers found wandering the streets of New Jersey unattended:

FAIRVIEW, N.J., June 15 — Al Carbone, a Bergen County cabdriver, was nearing the end of his shift about 4 a.m. Friday when a man approached him in the parking lot of the A.&P. here and told him that two children were wandering in front of the supermarket.

In a quarter-century on the job, Mr. Carbone said, he had never seen anything as troubling as the two sparsely clad toddlers running on the sidewalk “like they were in their backyard.” Police later identified them as brothers, one 3 years old, the other 18 months.

Mr. Carbone, 74, said the first thing he did was tell his dispatcher to call the police. Then, as he got out of his cab, the two shivering toddlers ran toward him.

“They weren’t dressed at all,” he said. “One was in a pajama top and underwear, and the older one had on pajama bottoms, no shirt and a blanket.”

Please folks, let's stop falling prey to innocuous stories that promote the tenets of yellow journalism, insult the reader's intelligence and degrade our culture. For more on the abandoned toddlers piece, click on the links below:

Mother Charged After Sons’ 4 A.M. Walk

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