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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ok...this is a completely self-indulgent entry.....Prince & Michael Jackson to tour together?....Not!

As much as I detest Michael Jackson for his image, questionable talent and past indiscretions, the possibility of a Prince/MJ tour would be historical at the very least. Well, you never know the truthfulness of such a proposition but here is the story according to RollingStone.com:

Prince has declined an invitation from Michael Jackson to rule arenas the world over on a joint tour. We imagine that after complaining about Prince’s snub at the Sultan of Brunei’s son’s birthday party (which netted The King of Pop $10 million just for showing up), a vindictive Jackson swore he’d spend the appearance fee on buying the rights to Prince’s music.

Michael appears to have some business acumen as he now owns Eminem and Shakira's music catalog....but as far as a joint tour-perchance to dream.

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