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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

And yet some still didn't listen to Stevie & Paul-Booker Rising Takes on "Ebony and Ivory"

I will readily admit that I am an avid reader and supporter of other conservative blogs, especially conservative blogs of color. Booker Rising would definitely make the cut, however I believe that Shay, Booker's writer was way off the mark regarding her recent analysis of interracial marriage trends. This would definitely serve as a backdrop for Mr. Starks' previous post. Shay opined about the state of interracial unions in light of the anniversary of the groundbreaking Loving vs. Virginia case which deemed mixed marriages legal. Take a look at Shay's diatribe, which I think is speculative and inaccurate at best:

While Loving v. Virginia was a good decision in terms of individual freedom, it is a mixed bag in terms of its impact on black families. Loving v. Virginia has contributed to the plummeting marriage rates of black women. It has also hurt black wealth, as more black folks - especially educated and affluent black men - increasingly choose to marry outside the race (and thus taking black wealth or potential black wealth with them).

I perceive her argument to be held by many Black people, women of color in particular-but is it correct? It is my belief that union of humans should not be analyzed in this regard if we are to be futurists. What is hurting Black folks economically has little to do with interracial marriage, but more to do with a self-defeatist mentality that prevents monies from remaining in communities of color. One could easily surmise that the gains stemming from the Civil rights movement caused African-Americans to defect to White businesses as opposed to personal romantic liasons. One of the most successful Black business models, pre-Civil Rights period were Negro League Baseball teams. But once Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, these teams eventually disbanded-interracial marriage stats pale in comparison to this demise. Perhaps I am wrong in this assertion. A penny for your thoughts-I promise to keep the penny in the (neighbor)hood.

Check out the Booker Rising piece in its entirety below:

Loving v. Virginia

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