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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Juneteenth Nonsense, Part 2 on Afronerd Radio this Sunday at 8pm

We just have to do a part 2 on this issue.....so many stories and so little time. Check out the video above, especially the intro. The intro used a simian motif as a direct shout out to the Black community who must pay for the reprehensible behavior of a few. The monkey analogy is insulting but it's just one more image to place on a virtual stack of symbolic (and some quite specific) references meant to demean people of color. As I have mentioned countless times on this blog, we must be disciplined if we are to identify those who do not have the interests of upholding pride and respect in the African-American community. The world is watching and maintaining the victimization standard of liberalism is literally killing an entire segment of the population. Join Mr. Starks and I as we use our cyber scalpels to diagnose, dissect and prescribe medication for this lower tier cancer growth. Again, Sunday at 8pm (a later hour for the summer months)-call in live at 646-915-9620 or via IM/email, afronerdradio@yahoo. Be very afraid....In the immortal words of Mr. Starks-the truth may be unattractive.

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