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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two Important Video Submissions from One of Our readers.....

A special shout out to our resident supporter/commenter, Mike Murray for creating these two videos. I'm not in wholesale agreement with them but a fusion of both precepts, definitely makes a lot of sense. Despite the structural and societal forces that many in the liberal/progressive establishment tout as being the cause for Black folks' malaise, one can argue that we did better when the impediments were far greater. But check out these two videos because they are extremely prescient and poignant. Thanks again Mike-great use of Funkadelic's Maggot Brain!

Message to the Black Man:

And now for his European counterpart, Message to the White Man:

And in the immortal words of James Brown-"Hit me....three times!" Check out an oldy but goody from Mr. Murray. This video is in the same vein as the Jeff Foxworthy comedic routine, You might be a redneck but this time it's You might be a Punk Ass Negro:

Punk Ass Negroes (PAN) Part 1

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