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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

And Let the Minstrelsy begin.........First Sunday is the First of I hope a limited amount of Blackface Comedies for 08'

Once again, I must thank the Invisible Woman from Invisible Cinema for gracing our internet radio airwaves a few days ago by visiting our show on Black Cinema. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask her about O'Shea Jackson's (Ice Cube for the uninitiated) latest minstrel-fest, First Sunday. Interesting that his friend, John Singleton actually has a degree in filmmaking and yet arguably, Cube is the more successful of the two. Of course, Stepin Fetchit (aka Lincoln Perry) became quite wealthy in his heyday by doling out Black stereotypes. Will there ever be a day when the public, especially people of color grow tired of these one dimensional (and unfunny) portrayals?

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