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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Just An Observation-All the Candidates want "change" but whose Idea was it in the 1st place? Hint -His friends called him Barry

I readily admit that W.E.B. Dubois' double consciousness paradigm really encapsulates my feelings not only about this blog but also as it relates to Obama's fight for the presidency. Is it imperative for yours truly to be tribal and place a vote for the brother or is it beneficial to remain steadfast in choosing someone that is closest in line with my conservative leanings? I guess when Election Day arrives I will be in a better position to answer that question-especially if Senator Obama is still in the game. Something that I did notice during the debate that made me uncomfortable was the constant reliance on the term, "change." Now that everyone was shocked that a majority White state would place their votes for Mr. Obama, the Republicans and the Dems have made change the operative word-a word that realistically has been the centerpiece of Obama's campaign. It speaks of desperation and hopping on the bandwagon at the last minute. Another interesting thing that I noticed during the Republican debates was a question posed to the candidates asking what would be their fundamental ideological differences with Senator Obama if he were matched up against them-not Hillary. In the immortal words (or word) of Star Trek's Mr. Spock-"fascinating." But all in all, you just have to love Team Change (Obama and Edwards) playing the dozens with Senator Clinton. Now next up, you have my team giving their best shots to Governor Romney. Never let it be said that politics isn't dirty business.....and it's only January folks:

But the most disturbing part about these exchanges is the low viewership numbers on Youtube. I guess more folks are interested in 2 girls and 1 cup-The terrorists are truly winning.

And for more on my thoughts on Obama, I made another appearance on last night's Elle Word, courtesy of Blog Talk. My call is approx. 15 minutes into the broadcast:

Barack Obama's Quest For The Presidency: Afronerd call in

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