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Monday, January 28, 2008

Join us Today at 6pm eastern as we Interview Dion Floyd of Immortal Kiss-at The Comic Shoppe

Unfortunately we did not have a Sunday Afronerd Radio broadcast but we will have a show today at 6pm, courtesy of The Comic Shoppe. Join Daryll, Max and I as we interview Mr. Floyd regarding his graphic novel, Immortal Kiss as well as additional books coming up in the horizon. We will also discuss our top comic reads from the previous week as well as the passing of The Dark Knight's Heath Ledger. Feel free to drop by with your thoughts and opinions at: 646-200-0104 or reach us via email/IM-thecomicshoppe@yahoo. Be Square, Be there and make yours Marvel (or DC, Image, Independent....).

Dion Floyd visits The Comic Shoppe

And hey, check out the latest episode from the guys of The Stack, courtesy of Pulp Secret:

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