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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And Now Back to the Classics....I Mean Comics......

During my self-imposed exile from blogging, I was able to check out my share of comic/fantasy film fare-both fan and studio created. Check out these treats below: including a fan film with a Wonder Woman of Asian descent. I can dig it!

Next up, an online venture directed by Tim Russ, who many may remember portrayed Tuvok, the Vulcan of color from the Star Trek: Voyager series. Here's a clip from part one of the series entitled, Of Gods and Men:

And for the die hard Trekkie (or is that Trekker), pay close attention to the film in its entirety as you will recognize a whole roster of actors in this effort from other Star Trek iterations.

Of course there is always the latest from my faves at Pulp Secret:

And lastly, check out this fan film jewel that drips of gooey goofiness from fanboys with a lot time and imagination on their hands, Batman meets Star Trek:

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