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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Afronerd Radio's New Year Resolution Show.....or better yet the Affirmation Show-Thurs, 9pm eastern

Well today is the day folks-election time, courtesy of the good people from Iowa! And we plan to talk about that among other topics on Thursday's Week in Review broadcast at 9pm eastern. Join us live with your opinions and/or disagreements at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo. I'm not a complete supporter of the term resolution but perhaps an "affirmation" should be a more appropriate word and this show will cover some affrimations that I would like to see for the African-American community this year. Examples of these proclamations would be: diminution of the cottage minstrel industry, less victimization excuses, more personal accountability, etc. We may also cover proposals for the state of New Jersey to apologize for its role in the institution of slavery and who is Dr. Boyce Watkins and why his protestations about the Black condition are dated and harmful. Check out Dr. Watkins doing what he does best (excuse development) below:

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