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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stop by 4 Sunday's New Double Dose! The Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd @7pm-John Carter; New Street Fighter Game; Racism Pill; Kony Madness & More!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Please gather around your sofas this Sunday evening starting at 6pm (EST) and listen, perhaps to the greatest show on earth (well at least in our minds). First, check out The Comic Shoppe starring Daryll B, Captain Kirk and Dburt for the very best in pulp flavored cuisine. The issues to be discussed are: Brazil appears to have its own Batman vigilante (with consent from the policia); the passing of French comic book artist, Jean Giraud aka Moebius; a review of the latest Disney release of John Carter; Street Fighter X Tekken finally makes it to the street; Dburt discusses a new 6 part series he discovered entitled, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode and lastly, with the rising viral popularity of the fan made Static film, will we ever see the day when Warner Brothers actually makes a full fledged movie? And remember folks, The Shoppe is just the entree!

Next up, is the Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk broadcast. The topical concerns up for grabs are: in a definite Twilight Zone send up, two Florida congressmen debate the state's evidence code by evoking Jay-z lyrics; the merits of the latest internet sensation/cause celeb, Invisible Children encapsulates the plight of child soldiers warring in Uganda under the auspices of the LRA leader, Joseph Kony; can a pill actually cure racism?; Dburt picks up what was left on the table from last week's show pertaining to his new found love for British television and lastly, if time permits, for our Blue Area segment, an acknowledgement of journalist and TV anchor icon, NYC Channel 4's Sue Simmons who leaves the network after 30 plus years of service. Call in live at: 646-915-9620...AGAIN, the festivities commence at 6pm tomorrow!

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