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Monday, March 26, 2012

And Now Some Words of Pulp Wisdom from The Shoppe's Daryll B!

Howdy once again AfroNerd and Comic Book Movie readers. Once again I got a lot of topics to touch upon but little time to do it. Before I begin, let's see the misadventures of Theophilus London on the streets of Austin, Texas during SXSW:


Funny stuff but real talk from the Indie Hip-Hop sensation....

Meanwhile, Comic Shoppe favorite Adam WarRock gives his own personal view of the crazy week of music and entertainment:


I hope up and coming performers take heed to some of these words because it sounds like good advice from both artists. Now it is time for quick comic news from around my little site circle.....

1. First up, I can already see Old School "Authority" fans wringing their hands at the news of this project:


Looking back now, Superman vs The Elite a.k.a. Action Comics #775 was an ok book as a parody but I remember at the time I was an intense Authority fan. This book was like a slap to the face. Now, I just wonder how the Superman Fanbase is going to react to an animated feature that has a lot of violence. Remember how DC de-fanged the whole Death of Superman story for their Superman: Doomsday animated feature...?

2. Carla Hoffman gives a mea culpa in terms of digital comics over at Robot 6:


Interesting points brought up, and the appearance of Mark Waid in the comments section is a bonus. I just not jumping all in ...yet....

3. Kevin Eastman has lost his goshdarn mind...


At least Peter Laird understands what diehard Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles fans are going through after hearing from Michael Bay that they'd be aliens instead of mutants in his plans...

4. I may not be the biggest supporter for Hunger Games but I can't wait for this ....


...to be on a Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror episode. "Everything coming up Milhouse!"

5. One week... and now I am salivating for this to begin:


Factor in how great Young Justice has been since its return, the inspired DC shorts and the strong writing of the Green Lantern. Let's see how Disney/Marvel raises the bar with Avengers: EMH and Ultimate Spider-Man. It is good to be a comic book animation fan right now...

6. Noted Batmanologist Chris Sims gives a shocking admission:


With his analysis of the character, Sims gives an in-depth reasoning of why Peter Parker is such a relatable character for any comic book reader...

7. Newsarama gives us their top 10 moments for this past season of the Walking Dead:


Honestly this season was an inverse of the first season for me. A dragged out season with a captivating last 70 minutes (last 10 minutes of episode 6 and an awesome 60 minute season finale). With that being said, it has already had an effect in my area of getting people to go out and buy Walking Dead graphic novels. Several comic shop workers and owners that I have talked to have commented on an increase of sales since the finale 2 weeks ago.

8. With the news of Carol Danvers becoming the next Captain Marvel leaking out this past week, 'Rama also gave us this:


I agreed with their number 1 choice but numbers 2 and 6 left me scratching my head due to constant changes surrounding one character and the editorial mismanagement of the other character. By the way, the number 7 selection is WAY too soon to be on this list in my opinion...

9. At 4th Letter, Gavok did it again with another list for us lovers of the fighting genre:


Links are provided to the previous 2 parts on the blog and he makes compelling arguments for the Tekken characters.

10. You folks all know I like a good debate and boy, David Brothers gives a good counterpoint to his buddies at Comics Alliance over the current Justice League series:


I think I am with Team Sims on this one because JL just hasn't been captivating to me.

That's it for this week... until next time readers: Keep Fantasizing!

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