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Friday, March 09, 2012

Don't Forget, Folks...Our Sun. Double Feature-The Comic Shoppe & Afronerd Radio Starts @6pm-But 1st The Latest Entry By The Shoppe's Daryll B!

Morning! Afternoon! Evening My Fantasy Lovers whether you are reading this on AfroNerd.com or ComicBookMovie.com. Whatever individual differences we each may have in real life, one thing is certain by reading this: we are all united by an interest in science fiction and fantasy. Condolences to Mr.Starks on his loss within the past month. He's an inspiration to many of the things connected to AfroNerd, so any loss of his is universally felt. In that vein, I am going to try to be upbeat and positive throughout this blog.... *Deep Breath* I know...it's going to be hard...

1. First up, Comics Alliance has had a trio of Milestone/McDuffie related stories that I would like to pass along. This is ultimate fan dedication:


...and yet DC decided for the new soon to be canceled series to give majority control to an artist who admitted to never reading the original book or watching the animated series... *shakes head* I know that sounds negative but it actually gives me hope that eventually Milestone and Static fans will get quality interpretations that will do justice and respect to the heroes of Dakota and beyond.

2. Speaking of Milestone and quality representations:


Interesting... now Teen Titans readers will already state that Virgil has already been connected as the team's "tinkerer" and scientific go to guy but this? It will be amazing if it happens but I am thinking in line with the middle of article that this is going to be Rocket. Why? We have already seen Icon appear several times during the Young Justice series and I even have glimpsed her once (I believe). Now the positive of Rocket over Static is simple: name a postitive black/hispanic female teenager on television at the moment without googling. Yeah. Raquel Ervin through Young Justice would automatically become high profile through Young Justice. Also, she and Static are very flirtatious so there's always a possibility of both being involved.. *Knocks on Wood*

3. Chris Sims gives his review on Justice League Doom:


I wish I could say I loved it as much as Chris did... I mean I liked it but what is keeping me from being head over heels is that fact that I love the original Tower of Babel story to death. I mean Ra's Al Guul being replaced by Vandel Savage is ok although it removed Talia from a pretty important role that wasn't replaced in the animated. Hal as Green Lantern instead of Kyle Rayner made for an interesting change in strategy that actually worked well for the movie. Another Legion of Doom was pretty ok... However, the one change that just didn't work for me was including Cyborg as a member of the team in lieu of Plastic Man.

Yeah, I know that goes against previous statements I had wanting more minority hero representation but Plastic Man's role in the original ToB story added an undercurrent on fun, betrayal then anger at his predicament. The Cyborg role in the animated fulfilled none of those feelings for me. It may be totally fanboyish but I encourage you to read Mark Waid's Tower of Babel then watch the movie again and tell me if I'm not right.

4. Interesting stance taken by one of the industry pros that I have infinite repect for:


Mr. Mazzucchelli would receive royalties from this printing but still warns potential purchasers of the inherrent problems with the book? That's called personal honor boys and girls and it's something constantly lacking from pros from the big two companies.

5. The 4th Letter's Gavok gives us rundown and his personal feelings about the DC Nu52 so far:


I'm in for the long haul with the 2 Legion books but that's it. I'll occasionally read the other series if I have time however I still haven't established emotional connections to this universe since they erased most of what I liked in the reboot....

6. Meanwhile Gavok's partner in crime David Brothers had a busy couple of weeks. First he went head to head with Stephen Wacker from Marvel:


7. Then, gave a thought provoking review of Spider-Man Reign that forces you to ask yourself: "What exactly do I connect to/love about the Spider-Man mythos?"


As far as the previous situation with Mr. Wacker goes, there are reasons I dislike Twitter and e-mail interviews. All of those are on display here. Once again, technology that is supposed to further thoughtful communication lands in the wrong hands becoming a tool of the ignorant. Did both men let their anger/contempt get in the way? Sure. But all that this conflict did was sour me to the Twitter concept even more.

OK, that's it for me this week. Until next time readers: Keep Fantasizing!

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