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Monday, December 07, 2009

X-mas Comes Early With a 2 for 1 Special! First There's Tuesday's Comic Shoppe Show & Then There's The Latest In Pulp News From Daryll B!

For the entire Venture Bros episode of "The Better Man" click here.

As always, let's keep this simple! Tune in tomorrow at 7pm (ET) for our next Comic Shoppe broadcast, when the "pulp fiction" team of Max, Daryll and yours truly bring light to the following topics: Brad Pitt (as a producer) appears to be re-entering into the ever popular vampire world (hey...we can't forget Interview with the Vampire from '94, can we?) with a flick tentatively titled Vlad; our thoughts on the latest Venture Bros episode; DC is currently developing an alternate continuity graphic novel line, entitled Earth One with stories starting out with Superman and Batman-both stories are being helmed by scribes J. Michael Straczynski and Geoff johns, respectively; how I overlooked Syfy's Sanctuary and is it the small screen version of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?; what happened to the Wachowskis' Ninja Assassin at the box office? and lastly, our favorite graphic novel picks from last week. So don't forget to join us live and feel free to call in with your comments and questions at-646-200-0104 or via email/IM-thecomcishoppe@yahoo.com. And remember folks....Imperius Rex!

The Comic Shoppe's Week in Review

And now.....the latest from the world of pulp thanks to the Comic Shoppe's Daryll B:

Tis the season for people to lose their minds shopping and with other things. Here in my little science fiction world I am no different but I will make every effort to be positive.

(Yes I did say I would TRY to be positive...we'll see how this goes.)

-The good thing about Ninja Assassin is that the fight scenes are tightly done. I can't think of another movie in the last 5 years where the fight scenes were this well done. The rest is "eh" to me....I'll leave up to each person's opinion about it.

-Disney dug their own hole with the hype for the Princess and the Frog. I admire what the "vision" for this film was but I can not phrase it any better than I did on any initial reviews I had for it at a networking site:

"well i saw it over the weekend in a theater in Harlem....and let's just say while the kiddies loved it...the parents and adults were mostly like WTF??? The story is like Beauty and the Beast meets Voodoo and Gumbo....draw whatever conclusion you want from that....after all Disney promoted it as "the first interracial animated feature ever from Disney" and for 3/4ths of the film, they are frogs....nice message.."

Yeah I think you all know where I was going with this one.....

-As much ragging as I have done on DC's Blackest Night, it has gotten the job done. Check out the top book sales for October, 6 of the 10 were BN related and in November wit the ring giveaways I would expect that number to raise.

-*claps* Way to go Marvel...GREAT way to spoil the ending to Captain America Reborn. %^*%^&%^

-Is SyFy kidding with this Outer Space Astronauts thing? However they did score big with the mid-season finale to Stargate Universe and remember Caprica begins in 6 weeks.

-Last two weeks of Heroes have re-found the old magic. However, now that I said that watch the new episodes to follow to be real clunkers.


Just for those people who continue to thumb their noses at the fact of comics being an acceptable form of literature. Don't look at me (although I have been saying it for years), this was done by the University of Illinois. HA!

Book of Week: Last weekend, I went diving into my Graphic Novel chest and discovered my Amalgam trades. These Dc / Marvel mash-ups of fan favorite characters, themes, and histories are just pure fun to read even all these years later. C'mon DC and Marvel, I would love to see a Lobo The Duck, Dark Claw, or Spider-Boy limited series. Would be fun....

Enjoy The Week Fantasy Fans...Next Week I'll hit you all with a Best of 2009 blog....

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