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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Rush Limbaugh is A Big (Despite the Weight Loss) Fat Idiot., But You Knew That Already! But Did You Know He's Aware of The "Black Frame of Mind?"

I have stated this many times here on Afronerd, I am not a conservative ideologue or apologist. Unfortunately, that does not matter to those few Black folk that insist on ascribing to a wholesale form of cultural and political tribalism. In the case of media pundit and gas bag, Rush Limbaugh, his mixing of racial (and racist) non sequiturs and a belief in the aforesaid Black tribal paradigm, somehow gets called "entertainment" in today's American culture. I support his right to free speech but we must develop an appropriate counterbalance that will cut down his stupidity in order to assuage the power Limbaugh currently engenders. And where is the conservative response, irrespective of race? If you haven't left Osama bin Ladin's cave in the last 24 hours, Limbaugh put his foot in his mouth.......again...by exclaiming that Blacks are disappointed in President Obama by not fulfilling their promises and that Tiger Woods' current indiscretions with an all White female cast just compounds the problem. It's amazing that one can make so much money for spewing ignorance but then that would also explain the popularity of commercial hip hop music. There really needs to be a response to such foolishness but if we're not going to target sponsors or refrain from purchasing products that are affiliated with Limbaugh (and you can include Black minstrels as well), perhaps he should be allowed to propagate such ignorance. What is our saturation point for such unabashed disrespect? When will have enough of the racism and minstrelsy? Perhaps that is the immortal question....

And while you're devising a way to dismantle the Limbaugh media machine, use the latest Sade single as your mood music (I suspect it works as better background music than Drake!)

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