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Monday, December 07, 2009

Ok This is The Last Entry On Tiger's Woes....

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the media really has it in for Mr. Woods. I was jokingly exclaiming during the last Afronerd Radio broadcast that now perhaps is the time for Woods to shore up his Black identity. For the record, I am not as invested in Woods disavowing his multiracial persona because I think there are legions of Black folk that are falling short of affirming a strong cultural connection to what it means to be Black. If one were to pay close attention to how Blackness is oftentimes portrayed in the media, it appears that authenticated Blackness has become synonymous with criminality, failure and disinterest in education. Of course, we know that this is a falsehood as Blackness at its root has more to do with perseverance, excellence, unparalleled spirit and beauty...too bad our current commercial landscape refuses to promulgate these values.

Despite my initial respect and support for Tiger Woods based on his accomplishments and demeanor, his attempt to diminish the realities of being a man of color in a historically White sport should serve as a reminder that no one can ever really escape this racial and socio-political dynamic. I think our President has a clearer understanding that when you break into areas that represent old boy networks, you can never forget your minority positioning and that resentment supersedes any notion of fair play or decorum. It is understood that Woods was dishonorable toward his wife and family but is the daily media assault about legitimate newsworthiness or finally removing a man of color from being the literal face of golf? I'll leave that question up to our readers to decide. Any more thoughts or isn't the beginning and end of this story was Tiger was unfaithful? Nuff said? What say you?

Oh and then there are those who are already questioning whether Tiger should retire....you have to be kidding:

Advice To Tiger Woods: "Retire"

Didn't former President Clinton complete his term despite having the same failings as Woods?

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