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Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Think It's Time To Open Up Hollywood's Accounting Ledger As One Uruguayan Makes a Kick Ass Film Short for $300!! Oh & Afronerd Radio Next Week!

And you thought the last media sensation-Paranormal Activity (allegedly made for approx. 15K) was made on the cheap! Well, I guess neophyte filmmaker, Fede Alvarez didn't get the Paranormal email, as his film short, Ataque de Panico (Panic Attack) was reportedly made for $300. Now what makes this story even more interesting is the twofold process that Alvarez employed to gain notoriety. He first uploaded his film to Youtube which garnered a million plus views. Then he signed a 30 million dollar movie contract (courtesy of Spider-man's Sam Raimi) with Ghost House pictures to produce a full length effort in his native Uruguay and neighboring Argentina. It has been rumored for quite some time that the movie industry's finances have been speculative at best, but when you look at the quality of Mr. Alvarez' film (made for the price of a video game console), it makes one wonder just how much are the budgets really for Tinseltown's most popular CGI laden filmworks.

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