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Monday, December 21, 2009

Just A Few More Ruminations........What Tiger Could Learn From Mariah Carey & Is Ghetto Culture The Only Way To Wealth For People of Color?

I just happened to catch this clip of Mariah Carey's appearance on the new George Lopez late night show and it interesting as to how the subject of race is discussed in a public forum. As much as I always found Lopez humorous, I've never been compelled to ask someone about their racial designation. I've always been able to figure it out on some visceral level but the asking reeks of crudeness-in my opinion. But then there is my "nerdic" side that might also be instrumental in providing an answer (i.e. coloration around the elbows/knuckles; prognathism, national origin, etc)....Again, it can be "figured out." But does it really matter? Ideally, no. But in the real world, once one's race has been determined.....yes.

What's striking is that Ms. Carey has established her comfort level with a Black identity (although her phenotype might confuse some folks) and yet Tiger Woods (with a more phenotypical "Black" appearance) came up with another answer to the race question. Of course, that's his right but I'm wondering how he feels now with the unrelenting media scraping at his cleats. Earlier this evening, I happened to catch a glimpse of the re-airing of a Tiger Woods interview with Larry King (circa 1998) and it was billed as what Woods was like before the scandal. Did Tiger pass away or commit murder? I'm confused....again, I hope Mr. Woods received the same carbon copy email that Ms. Carey received at some point in her career.

And now a brief diatribe pertaining to how the promotion of thuggery and minstrelsy are still being presented as the sole avenue for obtaining minority wealth. I understand that we have a POTUS of color but it still appears that the minstrel industry is still steamrolling ahead as the preeminent aesthetic for young Blacks and Browns who seek material acquisitions. Why isn't it evident that while we are in the midst of a historic presidency, we can no longer allow this imagery to continue without a counterbalance? There seems to be no outcry to show alternative Black culture as a means to success. Perhaps I will address this on the next Afronerd Radio broadcast but I grow wearisome over this truncated depiction. Any thoughts?

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