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Monday, November 30, 2009

West Coast Rap Fans Protest Local Radio Station Regarding Its Playlist

While taking my daily (and reluctant) jog through various cyber "ghettos"-in this case, WorldStarHipHop.com, I came across the above clip regarding a brewing protest over LA's Power 106. It appears that some West Coast rap fans are dissatisfied with the overwhelmingly commercial (and non West Coast comprised) playlist that 106 is currently promoting. Although I'm not a complete West Coast rap fan (specifically the Gangsta rap genre), I can appreciate the sentiment centered around truncated commercial radio programming. Now the irony is.....too bad this idea can't be expanded to incorporating the need to expose the totality of Black music. As I have often lamented in Afronerd, we are just not allowed to hear alternative Black music. Whether it's West Coast rap, underground/alternative hip hop, jazz and Black Rock/Afro-Punk, the present music business machine would rather you listen to soulless pabulum than expansive musical artistry-it is what it is. But we must fight back, folks! Please take this survey by our recent Afronerd Radio guest, Rob Fields as he attempts to extrapolate who the Black Rock/Urban alternative listening audience is...help us fight the monolith!

BoldAsLove.us-Give me 5 minutes! Take the black rock audience survey

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