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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tonight's The Night! Stop By Afronerd Radio at 7pm-Black Rock Musicianship, Politics, Pop Culture & Race Issues

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Apologies go out to our readers, radio listeners and general supporters for our taking a reprieve from blogging for the past few days but sometimes a break is required in order to rejuvenate (no not like Mr. Sosa!!) the senses. So again, we're back and ready to "chop and mix it up" on the airwaves this evening at 7pm eastern. We have a scheduled interview with alternative/Rock artist, Tamar-Kali(Brown) but I received word from her publicist that she is in the midst of traveling and performing this weekend so, we'll have to play it by ear as to her making the appearance. If she's not able to make it, we're assured that we can always reschedule.

Nevertheless, we implore our NY-tri state area readers to support her November 21st show entitled, Cabaret Chocolat: An Autumn Night’s Soiree. Please check out the previous entry for information pertaining to Ms. Kali-Brown's upcoming performance. But much like any other cabaret show, our Afronerd Radio broadcast must go on!

So feel free to drop by during the live broadcast with your questions and comments by calling 646-915-9620 as we discuss the following: racism rears its ugly head.....again, regarding Chinese "netizens" foisting racial epitaphs at young Blasian perfomer, Lou Jing; Can President Obama lend some support to Jing during his trip to Asia?; more fallout over last weekend's limited release of Precious; additional fallout from baseball great, Sammy Sosa's complexion turnaround; and lastly former Hootie, Darius Rucker wins best new artist at this year's Country Music Award (the 2nd African-American to do so). Now for our overture before the broadcast, check out this clip of China's Lou Jing:

Afronerd Radio Interviews Afropunk Songstress, Tamar-Kali!

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