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Monday, November 02, 2009

And Now A Pop Culture Week in Review Moment From The Comic Shoppe's Daryll B!

Hiya Afronerd readers, once again I am back with some fantasy / sci-fi observations:

I told you folks about Trauma. Bye bye! The good news is that Chuck's new season episode tally has been increased by 6 or 7 episodes. (newsarama)

This Smallville season has really split its fanbase more than any other season. So much so that one of its producers put up a twitter poll in conjunction with a EW.com one to ask the fans directly what they want. In brighter news, Michael Shanks did a great interview with the Huffington Post talking about wearing the wings and carrying a mace. So yes sci-fi fans, we are getting Hawkman in look as well as spirit...um spirits....you know what I mean. (newsarama)

If you haven't been watching Venture Bros. folks, start. Omigosh my eyes are still watery from last night's episode which was a total ripoff from a Treehouse of Horror, Heavy Metal and The Shining .

If I see anymore scenes from 2012 on TV and on trailers I think I will have seen the whole movie. So far I am not impressed.

Sigh, I can't believe I am saying this but I got a chance to catch up on Star Wars: The Clone Wars
of the weekend and it's good. Those who have heard me, have heard my rants against the show before, but these bounty hunters and the action sequences are quite entertaining.

Comic Book Resources has a very interesting interview with Tyrese Gibson about comics and the digital market involving his book Mayhem. While I don't like the book personally, I can't lie, Gibson makes some valid points of the state of the industry. I give him credit, I thought he was in it for the money only. He has given this idea a lot of thought.

Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin in the Thor movie? Sign me up for that!

V debuts on Tuesday and while I still have misgivings about the project, I will be tuning in.

3 words: Transformers. Ongoing. Comic. It is about time IDW. Thank You.

Marc Gugghenheim off of FlashForward already? David Goyer is going to run the show solo? I'd feel better about this if I didn't know that Goyer's last show solo was Spike's version of Blade. The show crumbled under the weight of melodrama before the last 2 episodes saved it. That is before Spike said screw it to renewing it. I'm praying for FlashForward in other words.

Saw The Vampire's Assistant and while it isn't Twilight, it has its own moments to make someone facepalm themselves. At least I get Selma Hayek as a supernatural creature again. However how appropriate is it really that in a theater with a LOT of little kids around, when she was on the screen I could only think of From Dusk Til Dawn ? Yeah you folks know the scene.....

Thanks for reading folks and until next week: Keep Fantasizing!

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