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Monday, November 09, 2009

Ok...It's Back To Comics Tuesday! Check For Comic Shoppe radio at 7pm ET & The Latest in Pop Cultue News, Courtesy of Daryll B.!

We unfortunately did not air last week's Comic Shoppe show but let's try to make up for lost time with tomorrow's episode. Join Daryll, Max and yours truly as we bring our special brand of pulp analysis to the following topics: a discussion centered on our most memorable graphic novel story lines-i.e. death of Gwen Stacy, the marriage of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, etc; thoughts about the upcoming release of Twilight: New Moon and the female comic-con fandom attached to it; J.J. Abrams has been picked to direct a Micronauts film; comparisons between Smallville and The Vampire Diaries; an academic is pushing for comics in the classroom and lastly, our favorite graphic novel reads from last week. So stop by with your questions/comments and reach us live at-646-200-0104 or via email/IM-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.com. And as always....Imperius Rex, ladies and gentlemen!

The Comic Shoppe's Week in Review

And next up, submitted for your reading pleasure, the latest in pulp/fantasy news by way of the Comic Shoppe's own Daryll B:

So where do I go from here?

There are times in a comic book fan's life when he looks at his collection and wonders: "Am I collecting this because I love the book or because I am just completing my set?"

That moment has come for me with several books folks. X-Men, Teen Titans, Avengers, Batman, etc. your titles are on notice for this is one comic reader that is tired of shelling out big bucks for little return. And people wonder why more people don't read these things. Whether it is inconsistent art to incomprehensible plots to creators that don't give two bits (you know I could have said something else there!) about loyal fanbases who purchase their stories. Cut the crap comic companies and go back to consistently producing quality!

Quick Hits

While I liked Astro Boy in the theaters, I can see where major changes were made to the concept. The fact that major audiences in Japan walked out of Astro Boy showings out of disgust makes twice now that a major animated movie import from there was walked out on by core fans. If I am handling the Akira, Avatar The Last Airbender and Voltron live adaptations, I would pay close attention to this trend.

I am not a fan of Twilight as you know, but the marketing of New Moon is being done right. Play up the action scenes to lure back the supernatural fans that were alienated before. Will this work? Time will only tell but kudos to them for the effort.

Interesting tweaks to the new V series. They got me hooked for a few more episodes and got to love the veteran science fiction actors / actresses sprinkled all through the show. I know someone has already got a drinking game made up for this.

Underrated by my coverage, but week in week out Supernatural continues to be the quality that all other sci-fi shows on TV needs to be measured to. If you told me that a show on the CW would be the best in its genre 5 years ago and it wasn't Smallville, I would have called you a liar. But here I am now saying it.

The Road vs The Book of Eli; we have another Armageddon vs Deep Impact fight on our hands folks.

Heroes this week, with Hero and Charlie, reminded me about why I fell in love with the show at the beginning and unfortunately it also reminded me that these quality episodes for the series are the exception now, instead of the rule.

Recommendation For The Week

On the verge of Veterans Day here in America, I just have to say reflect on the sacrifices our soldiers have made for the country they serve. You might not agree with their actions all the time or reasons they are in conflict. But most serve the country with pride and the Fort Hood tragedy / disgrace brought the point home for me once again. I have a lot of former brothers and sisters at arms who are tied to Fort Hood in one way or another and my thoughts are with them.

To that end, my recommendation is DC's The New Frontier Absolute Edition or the original dual paperbacks. The heroism shown by the soldiers throughout the prose should be a beacon of hope and pride to all who read it.

That's it for me this week folks as I begin to watch my Yankees prepare for their parade down the Canyon of Heroes. Until next week sci-fi fans, Keep Fantasizing!

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