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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

CNN Posits.....Is The Obama Effect Trickling Down To The General Image of Men of Color?

Somehow how I missed Don Lemon's CNN Special, Black Men in the Age of President Obama however, thanks to cyberspace, I'm never completely out of the fold. Although I have great appeal for CNN's coverage of current events, at times the famed news outlet has missed the mark on certain permutations within the African-American community. Nevertheless, I thought Lemon's piece was quite profound but short on enlightenment.

Perhaps the breakout voices during this broadcast were educator, Steve Perry and entrepreneur, Farrah Gray. The voice that was unnecessary? DJ Drama. His appearance/fashion sense reminds me of a question I asked our recent Afronerd Radio guest, Michaela Angela Davis-when does Hip Hop class up its act? Although Jazz music is highly revered today, we must remember that it's origins date back to the brothels of New Orleans, yesterday. Lemon's panelists were visually polished and therefore could be taken seriously....not so much for the hip hop representative. And as I have stated on countless occasions, I am a supporter and purchaser of hip hop music, I would just like to see some betterment. Let's hear your thoughts on this special? Click on the link below, for the remaining segments of the broadcast:

Black Men in the Age of President Obama

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