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Monday, September 21, 2009

This Is Where The Dems Lose Me......Isn't A Monkey Reference Just A Monkey Reference Somtimes? The Curious Case of Roy Blunt!

Don't think that just because this blog possesses a conservative ("perhaps a better euphemism is a "straight talk" methodology) edge that I'm not willing to see what the other side thinks-hence my occasional cyber walk through the very progressive Huffington Post. Mr. Starks and I, to the chagrin of liberals and conservatives, have taken both political bents to task when certain media skirmishes do not "add up." Anyone who has listened to our radio broadcasts as of late should be keenly aware that we do think that some of the vitriol being foisted upon President Obama over his Health care initiatives has racial implications. The issue is some of the racial animus is somewhat ephemeral, so it becomes imperative that any rebuttal should have laser like level of accuracy. And as the title of this entry suggests, some Progressives are using widespread racist claims for a political advantage instead of calling out legitimate instances of bigotry.

Case in point-check out Huffington blogger, Bruce Wilson's take on a fake racial controversy stemming from a "monkey" allusion by Republican congressman, Roy Blunt. This is a case of liberal Whites not only believing in low expectations and accountability from people of color but also betting on our gullibility that any bestial analogy is an indictment against African-Americans. Instead of reviewing an excerpt, click on the link below for the article in its entirety and tell us your thoughts. As I said in an earlier post, let's not rush to judgment and assume everything relates to Black folks. Don't be a monkey's uncle...being a sentient darker hued human makes that assertion difficult-only in a racist's fantasy.

Roy Blunt (R-MO) Tells Racism-Tinged Monkey Joke at DC Conference

And while we're at it, take a look at another article that takes another look at the Obama critique equals racism theorem:

Outlook: Liberals and Racism

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