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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Please Welcome A New Edition To the Afronerd Commenting Team-Daryll B. from the Comic Shoppe!

As always we sincerely try to make things simple and plain....again, we try. I thought it was time to add another commenter to our endeavors to essentially "shore up" the pop culture (dare I say "nerdic") element of our blog. Sure, we discuss politics, science and social issues but what about the pulp? Well, enter The Comic Shoppe's Daryll B. So without further ado, here's Mr. B's latest cyber opus:

Howdy Afronerd Blog Viewers! Allow me to introduce myself so you'll have someone to direct your venom to after you read this post. I am Daryll B., one of DBurt's sidekicks from the Comic Shoppe and this is what is raising my blood pressure in the land of fantasy at the moment:

So DC 'Entertainment' am I to assume that this 'event' called Blackest Night is your idea of a reboot for the whole universe now? I mean it isn't like you just had the JLA use unethical means to deal with villains who knew too much (Identity Crisis) which would shake the core foundations of Earth? Or like in Infinite Crisis, revisit and retell one of the greatest events ever (Crisis of Infinite Earths) only to undermine it with flimsy propositions (Superboy Prime's "time punches")?

Wait how about taking the 3 major heroes and have them inactive for a year and instead of telling stories spanning that entire year without them (52), you choose to jump all the books ahead 1 year with the exception of that book. Going even so far as to making the the one 'future' book you had (Legion of SuperHeroes) jump a year forward too and renaming it (Supergirl and the LoSH).

WAIT I got it, to clean up all this mess we'll have a "Countdown" to a "Final Crisis" which due to poor management and shipping, ruined one major story (Sinestro Corps War), focused on characters we hardly care about (Jimmy Olson), and set up a total botch of a main event (Final Crisis) in which you exiled one of the top three characters afterward (Superman), "killed" another for about 4 weeks (Batman) and left the last so messed up that you alienated casual fans (Wonder Woman). Along with the Pussification of your best alien baddie (Darkseid) and flubbing the lead into your next event of the year to "change everything" Blackest Night.

Yeah...they will handle this one right for sure. I have faith..*rolls eyes in disgust*


-So I had high hopes for Whiteout the Movie and what do I get? A 3rd rate wannabe "The Thing" knockoff. At least we got a shower scene....

-If you haven't gone to see "9" yet, what is keeping you?

-Did Marvel clone Norman Osborn or what? He is starting to rival Wolverine in most books appeared in while acting out of character.

-Speaking of Marvel, please for the love of god do not bring the f'n Punisher back to the big screen. Every one of these fans who beg you to do it are the same damn ones ripping you for it. Let it die already!!! Now you know what we need: a good Shang Chi or Iron Fist movie. Let's let the spandex / super hero stuff be contained with the Avengers franchise / X-Universe for now. You want to blow DC and Dark Horse out of the water? Gimme a good karate or kung fu action flick tied to your universe.

And no the Daredevil reboot doesn't f'n count if the include the Hand.....although I could see Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin again to shut all the haters up! (You know who you are.)

Recommended Book of the Week:

The Web #1 from DC Comics... I been holding out hope for DC with the Milestone Line and they gave me a Tangent limited series instead. So upon reading a review from Hannibal Tatu over at Comic Book Resources, I decided to give The Web a shot. Let me just say this, I don't know if Angela Robinson is the first sister to write for the big 2 but one thing is clear, she knows pacing and she knows how to set up suspense in my eyes. Mrs. Robinson, I wish you luck and hopefully editorial will give you the time to flesh out this story.

Like these points? Loathe these points? Think there is a comic or a subject I should touch on? You can e-mail DBurt here at Afronerd or reach me at orionben666@hotmail.com. If I think your view is interesting, I will totally give you credit within the blog but one thing if certain: all opinions are valid and important.

Thx for reading and of course, Keep Fantasizing!

Daryll B.

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