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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back On Our Grind.....The Lower Tier Savagery Continues As The "Racism is the Answer" Argument Wears Thin-Chi-Town Student Dies!

Sure this blog is entitled Afronerd, but our faithful readers and radio listeners undoubtedly are aware that we touch on a myriad of issues beyond just pulp fiction fare. Perhaps the most consistent theme of the "straight talk" element of the blog entails the benign neglect of underclass pathological behavior by some within the African-American populace and their alleged leadership. One glaring note to grow on-Racial issues trump inner city violence on any day of the week. And as the above video shows, violence among urban youth is becoming so commonplace that there appears to be no controversy or urgency attached to these harrowing events. The aforementioned clip depicts a Chicago area teen being beaten to death by gang members because of his reported refusal to join their nefarious outfit. For further edification, check out this article, courtesy of UPI.com:

Teen's beating may have been gang related

CHICAGO, Sept. 25 (UPI) -- The family and friends of a Chicago teenager believe other teens beat him to death because he refused to join a gang, the family's pastor said.

Derrion Albert was attacked while walking to a bus stop about 3 p.m. Thursday, the Chicago Tribune reported.

"I think they tried to recruit him and he said no and he just tried to go home and they just jumped on him," the Rev. Victor Grandberry said.

Witnesses told police a group of teens punched and kicked the Fenger High School sophomore in a vacant lot. Some came to the boy's assistance. He was taken to Roseland Community Hospital about a block away from the attack and was then transferred to Christ Medical Center.

A camera on the wall of the Agape Community Center recorded some of the attack. At first there were about 10 boys but eventually there were 50. At least one brandished a piece of lumber.

And as an addendum to the above entry, let's hear the words of the mother of the victim. Her emotional outcries, albeit heart wrenching, are just too common as it pertains to these matters. How many more senseless deaths must occur before we start to speak truthfully about the enculturated pathologies that many folks are simply chalking up as the "collateral damage" expected in this vague urban "war."

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